Habitat Hunt

It’s all about habitats today!

IMG_3208All of our camps have been introduced to many marine habitats during their explorations at camp. Today our Plankton Pioneers are embarking on a journey through a few more fascinating habitats. They are all dressed up as adventurers and are ready to discover the deep sea, the marsh and the beach. Each of these habitats is a different kind of home to some very different kinds of living things. Living things must have adaptations that help them to live in their environment.

Our Bay Explorers are off on their estuary adventure aboard the Robert G. Brownlee. They’ll learn some key things that make the San Francisco Bay an estuary. This special bay is an estuary because of it’s shape (semi-enclosed) and because it has fresh water mixing with salt water to make brackish water. For these reasons it is a special habitat, different than other bays (like Half Moon Bay), which is why we see different animals here (such as baby sharks!).

DSCF0739The Ocean Naturalists will see animals more adapted to ocean life during their visit to the San Francisco Maritime Historical National Park (Aquatic Park). These animals live close to the salty water of the Pacific Ocean, and many of them came across the ocean aboard the many ships that come to San Francisco from the world over.

All of our campers might enjoy thinking about the adaptations that they have seen this week. What sort of things help animals live in the marine environment? Keeping in mind the types of adaptations that help marine creatures survive, campers could think about what a mermaid might look like if mermaids were real. Think about how marine mammals stay warm in the cold water, or how animals deal with pressure in the deep. What kind of habitat would mermaids from fairy tales be suited for?


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