Camp friends, new and old

I am excited to see new friendships forming and to see some old camp friends returning together.

imageOur camp groups enjoy team building games throughout the week, and campers form special bonds when they share experiences like catching a shark or holding a big crab together. Today our Underwater Investigators are really getting to know each other on land and on the water. They will be using biomimicry to invent a solution to our first biomimicry challenge here on land, while other teams are working together to row through the sloughs where they will continue their research for their final biomimicry design challenge.

The Bay Explorers will be working together to haul in the fishing net and mud grab on the Robert G. Brownlee. It is a beautiful, calm day on the Bay, and I know that they are hoping to catch sharks, rays and many types of fish today. We also have a team of fish data volunteers collecting information about the animals that our campers catch for our database. 

Plankton Pioneers are sharing in the excitement of touching and holding fish and invertebrate from the bay. These are animals that they may be able to catch tomorrow on their boat trip! IMG_5137


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