Awesome Adaptations

2013 06 16 Marine Camp OE Rays Best 12

Bon voyage to our Underwater Investigators, who are off on their overnight adventure on the ship! They will be continuing their studies of biomimicry today. They will collect specimen of fish, invertebrates and plankton to examine. Our campers are looking to these animals for inspiration for their final project. They will get ideas from these organisms’ adaptations.

Our Bay Explorers and Plankton Pioneers are also looking at creatures with some pretty cool adaptations today. Can they think of some things that help sharks, invertebrates or fish to live in the bay or the ocean?

Try finding some invertebrates on land. Do these animals have similar adaptations to the invertebrates that live in the water (shells, jointed legs, appendages for feeling or sensing)? What is different about land invertebrates?


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