Habitat adventures

From the deep sea to the marsh, the Plankton Pioneers have explored many habitats today. These habitats are very different homes for very different kinds of creatures. Think about the deep sea habitat, what is something that many of the animals down there have? They glow in the dark! Make a deep sea bracelet using glow in the dark beads, or a deep sea drawing with glow in the dark pens. Have a deep sea dance party with your friends—carry glow sticks and dance in the dark! Your Plankton Pioneer will be able to give you a tour through MSI’s habitats during show and tell this afternoon. The presentation will begin at 1:20 and the campers will show you around from 1:30-2:30 this afternoon.

photo (8)While our Plankton Pioneers explore marine habitats at MSI, our Bay Explorers are visiting Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge where they can compare several distinct and important habitats in the Bay Area. They will see upland, salt marsh, mudflat and slough, and will learn how each of these habitats has an important job in the bay. Salt marshes have been used by people since Native Americans lived on this land. Think about how you impact the spaces you live in. Think about what your neighborhood would look like if there were no houses. Would there be different kinds of trees? Would there be hills and streams? Different animals?

I can’t wait to hear stories from our Underwater Investigators as they return today from their overnight adventure. They have toured the Bay from MSI, up to Angel Island and across to Richmond! I wonder if they caught different animals in these different areas of the bay. What would be different about the bay close to MSI compared to closer to Angel Island? I’m sure they will have a lot to share at the show and tell this afternoon. The presentation will begin at 3:20 and they’ll have time to show your around from 3:30-4:30 pm.


One Response to “Habitat adventures”

  1. Barbara Fetterly Says:

    Small but Mighty was repeated all week and mom was expected to wash her shirt every night so she could show her pride for Marine Science Institute. Every night Abby came home enthusiastically sharing details of her day filled with plankton, flat fish, leopard sharks, microscopes, boat rides, and mud. She sang the habitat song, LOVED sharing with her older sister and I her classroom during the Show and Tell time and spent 2 hours in the car describing every detail of her week to the family and even called to iChat with the Grandparents to share her art creations which were a whale and hermit crab (with her handprint).
    I could go on and on but what I am trying to get at is THANK YOU! Enthusiasm, engaged teachers, wonderful environment, learning, and a happy kid. What more could a parent ask for!
    Marine Science Camp is GREAT!
    Thank you.

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