The MSI Family

We are excited to welcome another fantastic group of campers to our Plankton Pioneer, Ocean Explorer “Sharks” and Ocean Explorer “Rays” camps. Towards the end of the summer we start seeing more familiar faces as campers come back for a second (or even third or fourth!) week. All of our camp participants get Family Membership for a year, and we are looking forward to showing them what MSI is all about this week so that they can bring their families back to our member events throughout the year.

2013 06 16 Marine Camp Slideshow023

“I will recycle more so that there will not be too much trash.”

Our Ocean Explorers are studying coastal creatures today. Echinodermata, cnidaria, mollusca, and arthropoda are the phyla (groups) of invertebrates that they will see and hold. What distinguishes each of these groups? One group has spiny skin, one has stinging cells, one has a soft body and hard shell and the other has jointed legs. Can you tell which group is which based on their names? These animals were brought to our aquarium from tide pools in Half Moon Bay. Our Ocean Explorers will also study animals and habitats a little fathers off the coast: the deep sea. Conditions change as we dive down through the zones, such as temperature, light and pressure. With this introduction to the animals and habitats just off the coast, our campers are also going to learn about stewardship so that they can do their part in making sure these awesome creatures and their homes stay safe. They will be making “stewardship challenge” cards to share with their families. See if you can take the challenge to do your part as a family.

Bonus challenge: Reduce your trash! Rather than throwing things away, have each family member carry all of their trash in a bag for a week. This should be motivation to recycle or compost as much as possible. Who throws away the most? Who is your family’s best recycler?

We are also happy to welcome an MSI staff family member to camp for her second year of Plankton Pioneers. Her dad, our Membership Coordinator, will share his unique viewpoint as an MSI staffer and camp parent.

Nyla, Mia and Aenea showing of their whale crafts.

Nyla, Mia and Aenea showing of their whale crafts.

“One of the many joys of parenthood is sharing with your children some of the same adventures you enjoyed as a child.  My daughter, Nyla, has accompanied me on many nature outings with my family, and through my work with the Marine Science Institute.  I strongly believe that the more adventures we have exploring the natural world, the better.  Now, with Nyla as a Plankton Pioneer, I am excited to see her interest and knowledge deepen into the world of ocean wonders that has captivated my own curiosity since childhood.”


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