Water World

IMG_5956Ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface, yet 95% of the marine world is unstudied. Our Ocean Explorers are just beginning to scratch the surface. At MSI our “Ray” group traveled through the water cycle and migrated across the ocean with mammals and turtles. They befriended fish and sharks and invented invertebrates. Think about the many adaptations that help animals to live in the ocean. How do animals stay warm? How do they move? How do they communicate. Imagine that you and your camper are marine biologists, studying vast unknown ocean habitats. What would a real mermaid look like? What kind of adaptations would she have?

The “shark” group was keeping their eyes out for mermaids (and other exciting ocean wildlife) at the beach today. They got to explore the geology of Bean Hollow State Beach and take a look at the tide pools where they found crabs, urchin and even an octopus!

Our Plankton Pioneers become experts on fish and invertebrates from the bay today. This was their first look at the animals that they are looking forward to catching on the boat this Friday.


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