Matching Gifts Double Donor Impact at MSI

Did you know that a year-long MSI family membership is included in every Marine Camp registration?… 

And the $50 membership fee included in camp registration is a tax-deductible donation?…

AND many employers will MATCH this donation with an additional $50 donation?corp match quote

If all marine camp families brought in a matching donation from their employers, that would generate as much as $40,000 in additional donations for MSI!

These funds are urgently needed to purchase new filtration systems, skimmers, and a chiller for our aquarium.

Help us make these improvements to MSI’s aquarium that will:

  • improve animal health

  • maintain water temperatures for ocean and bay animals

  • enable MSI to keep a wider variety of animals

Corporate Matching programs are a great way to give! They help businesses to put philanthropic dollars towards the passions of their employees, and empower employees to double the impact of their donations.

Please look into doubling your membership fee and other donations to MSI through your employer today. Not sure if your company matches your donations?  Start by asking your HR department. Need more help?  Contact Janeen at


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