Wacky Week

All summer long the staff has enjoyed dressing up for our spirit days, “Wacky Wednesday”. This week is our very last week of camp and we want to finish with a bang, so everyday is a wacky costume day! You may have noticed our children book characters yesterday and dress from different decades (ok, mostly ’80s) today. Your camper is welcome to join us in the fun.

Tomorrow we will wear gear from our favorite sport team, Thursday is Cowboy Day and Friday is Inside Out/Backward day!

It’s not just the costumes that are wacky this week. We have a ton of energy and are wackier than ever. I’ve enjoyed hearing goofy songs all over camp. Today the Bay Explorer’s favorite song was the “Scat Song”. Here are a couple verses from that wacky tune:

IMG_6457“I looked up in the sky

A bird pooped in my eye

I’m glad that cows don’t fly

It was a piece of SCAT!


A squirrel ate a nut

It digested in his gut

It came out of his butt

It was a piece of SCAT!”

Our campers are having a blast closing out the summer here in the sun by the bay. The Plankton Pioneers have already seen fish and invertebrates from the bay and from the ocean, and tomorrow they will pet a shark! Our Bay Explorers visited the marsh (and probably saw some real scat), and our Ocean Explorers spent both days here at MSI and are looking forward to spending the rest of the week out on field trips!


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