Precious words

This morning the instructors and counselors shared some of their favorite quotes of the summer. There are some that are pretty wacky, some that are sweet and some quotes that we’ve all heard many times before.

"I found a crab!"

“I found a crab!”

“I found a crab!”

“Wow, everything is so connected.”

“Can I see that naked gill thing again?” (the word “nudibranch” means “naked gill” in Latin, a reference to the exposed gills on the back of some sea slugs)

“I should shower less” (to conserve water)

“I LOVE CAMP” and “BEST CAMP EVER” are of course, our favorite things to hear.

Opalescent nudibranch (or sea slug)

Opalescent nudibranch (or sea slug)

These words are precious and are the best feedback we can get. It is awesome to hear that a camper’s imagination and curiosity is being excited by the animals and habitats they are able to touch and explore. It is also of course gratifying to hear scientific terms and facts not only being repeated, but being explained by our campers to each other and to their families during show and tell.

Today ask your camper for a sound bite and feel free to share it with our staff in a comment here or on our facebook page.

Plankton Pioneers saw some “spendid splashers” (mammals and sharks), Ocean Explorers visited the historic ships at Aquatic Park (where we often find nudibranchs on the dock) and the Bay Explorers are aboard our research vessel today.


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