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Our Bay Explorers are off on their final field trip adventure to Crab Cove Visitor Center in Alameda. They will have a naturalist-led “dive” in the beautiful wharf classrom, which includes an amazing diorama of the bay. They will have time to visit the aquarium exhibit and to explore the mud flat habitats just outside the visitor center.

This is the last field trip to a hosted site this summer (the Ocean Explorers will end their week at the beach). I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful organizations that have supported MSI’s camp this summer.

Crab Cove has provided a beautiful learning environment and a fantastic “Food Chain” program, which is also available to school groups throughout the year.

Salt marsh at Don Edwards

Salt marsh at Don Edwards

Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge has a fantastic learning area that allows students to experience several crucial bay habitats all in one place, complete with easy to navigate paths and labelled plants. They also provided a fantastic base of curriculum, teaching tools (such as binoculars, field guides, and microscopes) and a beautifully rich environment. I’d especially like to thank ranger Tia Glagolev, the Environmental Education Specialist who has helped and inspired our staff so much this summer.

The Balclutha at Aquatic Park

The Balclutha at Aquatic Park

We have also enjoyed working with the National Park Service to create a new and exciting program at Aquatic Park. Their rangers have lead 3-6 groups of campers on tours of their historic ships nearly every week this summer, and have created a memorable and educational experience.

I look forward to continuing partnership with these outstanding organizations, all of which are dedicated to education and sharing appreciation for the natural world. We are so lucky to be located near so many fantastic organizations.


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