Coastal Cleanup Photo Contest!

Greetings fish friends, 

   Saturday September 21 is California Coastal Cleanup Day, probably the single largest volunteer event on the planet.  We want you to be a part, a BIG part, of helping us get more people out than ever to help uspick up the coasts.  It is truly amazing what we can do when we all work together.  

   Here’s how you can help.  Trash is everywhere – on the streets, parking lots, around schools and sidewalks.  If it’s not picked up, wind & rain will wash it down into our storm drains or creeks and then – it’s off to the oceans where it creates havoc for marine life more long lasting than most radioactive waste.  Coastal Cleanup Day is our chance to grab alot of this waste before it disappears out of view into the ocean blue.

      Take a snapshot of waste you see next time you are out and about – and post it to our Cleanup Event Page and share it with your friends.  If lots of you participate, we’ll reach record numbers of people and get a better turnout on the 21st.  Prizes for the most unique litter & most frequent litter picture posts will be announced on the 23rd.

Let’s Make Trash Extinct!!



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