Stewardship Monday: Coastal Cleanup Month!

Everyone can be a steward of the environment! Environmental stewardship is: the responsible use and protection of nature through sustainable practices and conservation. But you don’t have to be a scientist to be a steward. Every day there are opportunities for you to make choices that are good for nature—and good for you too!

This month we are gearing up for California Coastal Cleanup Day, Saturday, September 21.

Their slogan this year is “Let’s make trash extinct”. You can help them achieve this goal by hitting the beach on the 21st, and by doing your part to be a steward every day at home. The Coastal Cleanup Day is one fantastic event that inspires many people to take care of their beaches. Picking up trash in the sand protects people, beach animals and also living things across the globe, in every ocean. The beach is the last stop on a piece of trash’s journey before it is swept out to sea where it will travel the world. For more information about the event, and more ideas about how to be a steward, visit their webpage with the California Coastal Commission by clicking the picture above.  

Why practice stewardship? I love nature. I enjoy hiking, swimming, camping, playing on the beach and even hanging out in my garden. I love to take pictures and enjoy stunning vistas, and just being outside makes me happy. All of these things are ways that I connect with nature. Being a steward is my way of saying “Thank you” to nature for providing all of these things that I enjoy. I’m not only a steward because there are fun things to do outside. Even with all of our technology and ability to make synthetic materials, there are many ways that humans still rely on nature. We get food and water, materials for shelter, even some medicine comes from natural sources. If we don’t take care of these resources, we may find it harder to enjoy a tuna fish sandwich or clean cup of water in the near future. I am a steward because I want to take care of nature, which takes care of me. Why are you a steward?


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