B-WET Ocean Views Project, Back for Another Year!


ca msi bwet

Marine Science Institute (MSI) receives B-Wet Ocean Views Grant Program for another year.  Throughout the school year, 6th grade students from Kennedy Middle and Pescadero middle will attend six partner-led outdoor experiences, benefit from nine partner-led classroom visits and numerous teacher-led activities in the classroom, all correlated with NOAA Ocean Literacy Principles and California Science Content Standards.

On this project MSI collaborates with State of California Department of Parks and Recreation, Santa Cruz District—San Mateo Sector, the Coastside State Parks Association, the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and REAL Redwood Environmental Academy and Leadership) program.  These collaborative partners’ lead watershed activities both in and out of the classroom; These watershed adventures include canoes in our local Redwood Creek slough, Discovery Voyage a 4-hour exploration of the San Francisco Estuary aboard MSI’s 90-food research vessel, a state ranger led study of the threatened snowy plover at Half Moon Bay State Beach, a tide pool excursion & invertebrate monitoring (MSI) at Pillar Point, and water studies at Stulsaft Park.




This program gives teachers tools and resources to enhance science curriculum in the classroom and boosts student achievement by fulfilling California State Science Standards. Throughout the program these students will gain an abundance of knowledge and will complete stewardship posters about their watershed. Their posters will be displayed during Earth Day on the Bay celebration at MSI in April.  At Earth Day on the Bay 2013 students interviewed visitors about their knowledge of watersheds.


Come back and check out what these students are up too throughout the school year!


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