Creature Feature: 9/24/2013 Revealed


Plainfin Midshipman head lateral1 051403 copy

San Francisco Bay is home to a real life humming fish the Plainfin Midshipman, not too unlike the magical ones of the Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax! However, there may be more to be amazed about from our neighbor in the Bay than the storybook character.

This multi-talented fish can breathe air as an adult, create its own light and can, of course, sing… or at least hum! Fish in the order Batrichoidiformes possess a special swim bladder that controls buoyancy and produces an audible hum that is used to attract mates. They are also widely dispersed, finding habitat in deep water as well as shallow, marine and even fresh water. Because they are creatures of the night and often inhabit deep waters, they have evolved rows of photophores, organs that emit light, along their lateral lines and undersides. But you don’t have to stay up all night to hear them, just visit NPR to hear a fascinating recording of this reallife humming fish!


Encyclopedia of Life:

Hear a midshipman hum on NPR!

See you next week for another Creature Feature!

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