Stewardship Monday: Looking Forward

This month we have discussed a few of the multitude issues involved with climate change. It is beyond dispute that the earth’s climate is in flux. But where are we really headed? What does it mean for us and what can we do?

In the near future we can expect to see some big changes—in fact, we can see them happening already. More extremes in weather. More big storms. More fires. More ocean and terrestrial disturbances in species composition. We may also see some unexpected consequences. For example, although the negative effect of acidification has been demonstrated in many organisms, some creatures are surprising researchers by thriving in these changing conditions. Some corals that have experienced massive bleaching events (thought to be equivalent of them dying) have “resurrected”.

Hopefully we will see a reduction in the impacts that humans continue to have. By reducing our carbon output we can ensure that we are doing our part to preserve the future and slow down the dramatic shifts to give nature a good chance at recovering and adapting.


Part of being a steward is sharing your ideas and perspectives. Come up with a clever way to share your ideas about reducing carbon: a song, poem, cartoon, game or something else and share it with us!

By Joel Pett

The following are links to classroom activities and lessons about climate change, including an awesome song about reducing our carbon footprint.

Reduce carbon song:

Education and the Environment Initiative:


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