Creature Feature: 10/29 revealed

photo 23

Last minute Halloween costume idea the anglerfish. Anglerfishes are a group of bony fish, more than 200 species, characterized by their mode of predation. Female angler fish have a dorsal spine protruding above their mouth to act as a lure to catch their prey. This lure contains a luminous flesh that acts as bait for prey in which the angler fish snatches its food with their sharp translucent teeth. Most anglerfish are small averaging less than a foot but some can be as large as 3.3 feet.

A deepsea anglerfish, Bufoceratias wedli
N.J. Marshall © N.J. Marshall & Harb. Br. Oceanog. Inst. Click Pisture to see more

The reproduction process of this ugly fish is most unique. The males of these fish are smaller that the females and will attach to the female with their teeth at a young age. Over time the male fuses with the female losing its eyes, and organs (keeping the testes); becoming a permanent parasite. Females have been known to carry over six males on her body.


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