Ocean Views: Watershed Adventures Issue #1

The students are off to a great start learning all about their local watersheds. Kennedy Middle is studying the Redwood Creek watershed, which is an urban watershed.

Microsoft Word - Rewoodcreek flow map.doc

An urban watershed includes city neighborhoods, streets and paved areas, which increases the speed of water runoff into the stream. Redwood Creek watershed mostly flows underground.

Microsoft Word - Pescadero creek Flow map.doc

This differs from the Pescadero Creek watershed, an undeveloped coastal watershed, which Pescadero Middle School students are studying. 

Students learned the basics about watersheds right in their classroom. We used an Enviroscape to model pollution traveling through a watershed, which introduced the students to a lot of new vocabulary. The students were eager to learn these new concepts, and were especially fascinated by how their field journals were made of waterproof paper. They are excited to put new skills into practice as they interview each other for short films.

Canoeing is a great way to get a closer look at marshes and sloughs. A slough is a meandering channel through a marsh. These students were able to smell, hear and taste their surroundings. Most of the Kennedy Middle students had never been canoeing, and some were a little scared at first. But once they learned how to work as a team they began to feel more comfortable. The student learned all about hydrology, and conducted water quality tests while in their canoes. They gathered information about temperature, density, salinity, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, and turbidity.

ca msi bwet

Come back again to see what these students will be exploring next.


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