Stewardship Monday: Santa’s Bag

Photo credit: holiday season is upon us! I am still working through the leftovers from last week and getting ready for a whole month of holiday parties—one for almost every weekend between work, friends, and family. So today, on “cyber Monday”, we kick off the month all about making your holidays count and giving as much to your environment as to your loved ones.

Between gifts, feasts and decorations, there is an alarming amount of waste that goes on at the end of the year—undoing all the hard work we’ve done as stewards! Starting in November household waste increases by more than 25%, adding a whopping 1 million tons to the landfills per week!

Let’s make an early resolution to put more into Santa’s bag and less into the trash bag. What are some small ways that you can reduce your holiday waste?

This month we will make some recommendations, gift guides and decorating tips that will help you make the holidays festive without contributing to the end of the year waste.


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