Creature Feature 12/24/13 Revealed: Christmas Anemone!

Copyright © 2005 Mary Jo Adams

Christmas Anemone, Urticina crassicornis, is known for its green and red coloration. You can find the Christmas anemone from Southern California up to Alaska in the low intertidal and subtidal zones. This means they live right along the shoreline, but are usually not exposed to air except at the lowest tide. Like a lot of holiday decorations, you may see these anemones hanging from walls and crevices a long the rocks of the tidepools.


Like most anemones these contain nematocysts (stinging cells) which help to paralyze their prey before their tentacles move them to their mouths. These anemones are opportunistic predators, which means they aren’t very picky, and will eat many different kinds of food.  Their prey includes crabs, mussels, fish and even seastars.

Create your own anemone!

For detailed instructions click here!


  • toilet paper roll
  • tissue paper (or recycled paper)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter/Paint/embellishments


  1. Give each students a toilet paper roll
  2. Using paper: Glue and wrap around roll 2-3 times making sure to have extra paper hanging over edge
  3. Using scissors: cut strips into over hanging paper
  4. Decorate your anemone



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