Ocean Views Project: Watershed Adventures

ca msi bwet

Canoeing through sloughs! A Discovery Voyage aboard our ship! Shoreside programs in our learning aquarium! Kennedy and Peascadero students are having a blast discovering their local watersheds with our Ocean Views program.

For many students canoeing is a brand new adventure and learning how to paddle is one of the hardest tasks. Students work as a team to maneuver the canoes from MSI to BairIsland. BairIsland is a local marsh habitat which houses endangered California clapper rails and salt marsh harvest mice. The students travel through Smith Slough, observing the habitat, spotting animals and taking water samples. Throughout the year, these students will take water samples from their local streams and in the San Francisco Bay Estuary to observe the health of the water.

Check out this video of students exploring on canoes

Pescadero students get to learn all about an urban watershed which differs from their rural watershed where the Pescadero students reside. Click here for more background information on the watersheds that these students are studying. These students used a seine net to collect fish right off the beach at the Marine Science Institute and ventured into exploring the wonders of invertebrates.

Let us see what these students are experiencing through their eyes

For this program, Kennedy students venture into the San Francisco Bay Estuary aboard the R/V Robert G. Brownlee to see where their watershed spills out. Aboard the Brownlee, these students explore plankton, test the water’s health, dig through the mud, and catch some fish.

Take a closer look at their experience here!

Join us for our next adventure, all about Snowy Plovers!


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