Marine Camp Sneak Peek: Underwater Investigators

Our Underwater Investigator camp (as well as all of our other camps) has been re-worked to include new activities and themes. Last summer the Underwater Investigator camp focused on Biomimicry, taking inspiration from nature to solve a problem and complete a couple of projects. This summer we will focus on the evolution of adaptations and how they have helped organisms to survive in a shifting climate.


Underwater Investigators will develop the foundations for understanding evolution and climate through our standards-based curriculum and projects. They will be able to think critically and answer questions such as:

Ocean creatures have changed from small amoeba-like organisms to large predators

How has the Earth changed over geologic time?

What are (natural and man-made) forces that influence the Earth’s climate?

Why have some animals looked so different throughout Earth’s history?

What causes animals to change?

How do organisms interact with the climate?

This new curriculum is standards-based and will include new projects, as well as some of the old favorites from past Underwater Investigator camps. There will still be dissections, canoe trips, a visit to Angel Island, fishing and an over-night on the boat.


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