Marine Camp Sneak Peek: The Gift of Camp

Summer camp is a special part of the year for many children. It is a time to make new friends, learn new things and have fun while keeping an active mind. Summer camp at MSI is also an opportunity for young scientists to be encouraged to develop their interest, and to learn how to become stewards of our natural environment. Unfortunately, not every child can afford such an opportunity. MSI is proud to offer support to families in need, providing invaluable experiences that can make a tremendous impact, as one mother writes:

Christian with a megalodon tooth in our aquarium.

Christian with a megalodon tooth in our aquarium.

“My son went to marine camp for the first time last year and loved it so much. Throughout the year he spoke about how he couldn’t wait to go back!!!! All the while I worried about how I was going to afford it. I continuously checked MSI website for scholarship information and application dates. Then once I applied I still felt the need to prepare my son that he might not be able to attend. I had explained that it depended on the generous donations of complete strangers who wanted him to enjoy marine science. Needless to say, that was something hard to explain and for a 9 year old (who just wanted to play with plankton) it was hard to understand. When I received confirmation that my child was gifted a full scholarship I felt overjoyed and relieved. If not for this kind gift I would have literally had to choose between MSI camp and food for a month. I can not and will not ever be able to thank Felicia and the MSI supporters enough for making it possible for my child to learn and experience (come home smelling like a creature from the bay) marine camp. Thank you!!!!


The Marine Camp Scholarship Fund is entirely supported by the generous contributions of our community. If you have enjoyed an MSI experience, you know how special this gift can be. With your help, we look forward to continuing to inspire young scientists like Christian to keep active and inquisitive minds that will help them succeed.



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