Stewardship Monday: Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost upon us! It’s time to dust off our gardening gloves and clear our dens of the stuff we’ve been hibernating with all winter long.

As we begin Spring Cleaning, there are a lot of choices to be made. Keep or toss (or donate)? Which cleaner should I use? What shall I plant this season? Organic or not organic? All of these choices can affect the health of our families, our pets, our budgets and the environment. This month, on Stewardship Monday, we will come up with suggestions and reminders to make our spring greener.

On Stewardship Monday we have already shared some thoughts (and alternatives) regarding household cleaners and household hazardous waste, and how they can affect our health and the health of our water system. Please continue to consider these choices as you clean up around the house.

This weekend (actually for the past few weekends) I have noticed my neighbors washing their cars in their driveways. I have been tempted to remind them that even though it has rained a few inches, California is still in a drought! Not to mention all the (non-biodegradable) soap running down the storm drain. But what can they do? For those who would rather not have a dirty or rain-spotted car, there are still drought-friendl(ier) options.

I would recommend:

  1. Put a cover on your car so that the rain doesn’t leave spots.
  2. If you wash your car at home, use a biodegradable soap, and don’t leave the water running longer than you need.
  3. If it is currently raining, put on a coat and take advantage of the free water—scrub your car and let the rain rinse it off! Kids love this excuse to play in the rain while “helping with a chore”.
  4. Take it to a car wash! Car washes are typically more water-efficient and are required to clean and recycle their water—so no soap is going into our watershed.

All of these options will help to conserve water and conserve money for you! Simple choices like how you wash your car can add up to a lot of benefit for the environment and for you. What are some simple choices that you can make at home that can make this spring a greener one?


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