Marine Camp Sneak Peek: Explorers

We are all explorers of the world, with many things to learn and observe and experience. MSI is happy to share two different “Explorer” camps to children entering 2nd-5th grades (groups are sub-divided by grade). These camps are carefully crafted to guide our campers on a journey of discovery through different habitats, using standards-based, grade-specific curriculum that challenges them and accesses their prior knowledge.

IMG_6457Our Bay Explorer camp takes advantage of the science and nature in our own backyards. Sloughs, salt marshes, mudflats and wetlands that we drive by on our commutes every day become laboratories, study areas and places of discovery. This summer our Bay Explorers will enjoy visiting the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Preserve and the Pescadero marsh, where they will learn how we are all connected to complex watershed ecosystems, habitats and the animals that depend on them. While at MSI, their teachers will be the live bay animals in our aquarium and their classrooms will be our facilities—right next to the unique protected habitats of BairIsland.

Exploring tide pools at Bean Hollow

Exploring tide pools at Bean Hollow

Ocean Explorers sail around the world and dive to the deep as they examine the many habitats in our world’s ocean. Field trips take them from more familiar coastal habitats such as the tide pools and beaches at Bean Hollow to the mysterious and unique habitats of the Farallones, which they will explore with the guidance of the experts at the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center. Our aquarium’s ocean animals will give campers a chance to learn from up-close interactions with living ambassadors from the sea. Their trip aboard our ship will connect our lives in the Bay to the life that circulates around the globe through the ocean.

These camps are packed to the gills with hands-on explorations and science projects. Our expert staff provides knowledge while creating a safe, collaborative and fun learning environment, full of songs, games and crafts that make learning a breeze. Each camp has different activities to emphasize their specific themes so that campers can enjoy both types of camp without repetition. Join us, explorers!


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