Creature Feature: Bay Shrimp


Bay shrimps (Crangon spp) consist of over 179 species! These semi-transparent organisms usually have black spots or markings and long antennae. Native to the pacific coast from Alaska to San Diego, there are three species of Crangon living in different salinity ranges that are commonly found in the San Francisco Bay estuary.

These shrimp are major components of the food web in the San Francisco bay. Living in muddy substrate helps these invertebrates (animals without a backbone) feed on small shrimp, amphipods, clams, and plants. The small sizes (55mm) of these shrimp make them a delicious meal for striped bass, sturgeon, staghorn sculpin, flatfish, sharks and humans. In the past 100 years San Francisco Bay commercial fishing industries used to collect for human consumption. In recent years the number of catches has decreased because nowadays these shrimp are caught for bait.


MSI Benthic Guide





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