Stewardship Monday: Pantry Challenge

Having recently dug through the freezer and pantry–I know that there are some hidden gems, and embarrassing oversights (why do I have 3 open bags of all purpose flour?) to be uncovered. This Stewardship Monday, as a part of our spring cleaning month, it is time to tackle one of the hardest parts of cleaning up: the pantry challenge.

The Pantry Challenge: cook meals using ingredients from the pantry and freezer, while supplementing sparingly with fresh products bought at the grocery store.

Organizing, and cooking out of the pantry has many benefits, including:

  • saving money
  • creating space
  • identifying waste (shop better in the future!)
  • spark creativity
  • learn new recipes
  • (if you totally empty the freezer) defrost to run more efficiently

How to approach the challenge:

  1. Set a goal: 2 weeks? 1 month?
  2. Set a budget: “I will only spend $X to supplement meals this week.”
  3. Inventory: What will I be working with?
  4. Research: There are many sights with Pantry Challenge recipes.
  5. Go for it!



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