Stewardship Monday: Trashy Art

We’ve all heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” There are an average of 334,271 pieces of plastic per square mile in the North Pacific Central Gyre, and 80% of that and other marine debris starts on land–think of all the treasures that could be kept out of the ocean!

trash artMany artists are making trash into treasure in creative and beautiful ways. You can see some inspiring (and interactive!) trashy art at the San Francisco Zoo (click here for more information). Not only does “trashy art” keep debris out of the water and the landfill, it is also a way for stewards to raise awareness about waste and debris—plus, upcycled trash can often be both useful and beautiful!

You can make your own trashy art at home—just start collecting your own materials! Every creation can be a reflection of your consumption and creativity. Click here for some inspiration and ideas on what kinds of debris to décor transformations you can complete at home.

Classes can even win some prizes for upcycling their trash into art. The South Bayside Waste Management Authority has a Trash to Art Contest to “Give Trash a New Meaning Through Creative Reuse”. Click here or on the picture above for more information, entry forms, and related curriculum.

Help us keep trashy “treasures” out of the water! Join us this weekend for the second of our Coastweeks events: Canoes in Sloughs. While we enjoy a leisurely paddle in Redwood Creek we will be picking up litter off of the protected salt marshes of Bair Island. Click the photo below for more information and to register.


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