Stewardship Monday: Greener Gifting

Yummy treats in a decorated container make great gifts! Click for more ideas.

Happy Cyber Monday! For many, ‘tis officially the shopping season, and on the Monday after Thanksgiving many people choose to do their shopping online. Last year this day saw $2.29 billion in sales!

This trend in commerce has its pros and cons: it may equal less driving (except for delivery trucks), and the option to shop around for exactly the right thing, but more packaging and less support going to local businesses. As stewards, we can keep these things in mind as we shop – can I get an equivalent thing locally? Can I get it in less packaging? Can I get something that has even less impact online?

My favorite no-waste gift is the gift of an experience. Shopping online is great for purchasing certificates to restaurants, classes, even trips—no shipping required! Another way that I “shop” online is by browsing sites the feature upcycling projects—I shop for inspiration for handmade gifts made out of recycled materials!

For more tips, check out last year’s Green Gift Guide.

You may also consider taking part in a different day–rather than Black Friday or Cyber Monday, consider joining in on “Giving Tuesday” and give to a cause that you care about for yourself or in honor of a loved one.

Support MSI this holiday season!

Support MSI this holiday season!

What will you be giving this year? SHARE your ideas, and what you are hoping to get in the comment section!


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