Stewardship Monday: Volunteer Throughout the Year

Many of us are going to spend some part of the holidays volunteering for a local charity, such as a soup kitchen or food drive. The generous spirit of this time of year often inspires people to donate time and resources to their favorite organization. But why stop giving at the year’s end? We have fantastic opportunities to volunteer as an individual, family or corporate group throughout the year.

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Our ultimate goal is to create lifelong learners who are responsible stewards of the natural environment. Volunteering is a great way to strengthen bonds in the community, to promote awareness, to give back, to help others in need and to embolden the human spirit. Our volunteers have many options in what they would like to take on here at MSI. We have fish data interns who help us with our continuing research of fish counts in the bay. Our aquarium assistants see that our animals are tended too and their tanks are clean. We also have volunteers who help with our website, other events and marine camp. Our volunteers allow us to do so much more, because of them our hands can reach even further into the community.

So make it your resolution to join us any time of the year! We hope to see you soon.




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