Stewardship Monday: What is Stewardship?


A young steward pledges to shower less (to save water)

A young steward pledges to shower less (to save water)

“Environmental stewardship is on the rise. Today, a growing number of people are making informed choices in their daily lives, work places, and communities that are good for the environment, for their finances, and for overall quality of life. These actions are inspiring – and evidence of an emerging societal commitment to environmental stewardship.” ~EPA Innovation Action Council

Stewardship is simply the responsibility to take care of something or someone. Environmental Stewardship is a responsibility for the environment—and for acting in a way that promotes the sustainability and health of the natural world.

Who can be a steward? Anyone! Individuals, organizations, communities, and authorities can all play the role of steward.

Stewards make choices that protect all aspects of nature and make sustainable their interactions with natural resources including air, ecosystems, energy, land, materials, and water. Taking action as stewards every day can ensure the future health of the environment in which we live and upon which we depend—and there are many ways that everyone can become involved.

As the New Year approaches, make a resolution to continue to be an environmental steward. Choose actions that you can sustain, and that are meaningful to your life and your connection with nature. Share your actions with us and your community. And join us every Stewardship Monday to stay informed about issues in the environment and ways that you can be a steward!


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