Marine Camp Sneak Peek: A Sea of Choices


It is about time to start planning for the summer and finding the perfect camps for your family.

Marine science camp is a wonderful way for children to excite their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning about, and caring for, the environment. Whether they are getting introduced to marine science, or are diving into a subject that they are already passionate about, campers are inspired by interactions with live animals and taking part in science in action. Finding just the right marine science camp with the perfect blend of activities to suit your budding biologist involves some careful planning and consideration.

The ultimate marine science camp. This can be so many things. The first ocean literacy principle states that the Earth has one big ocean with many features. There is so much to learn! What is the most important to you and to your child? If you live near a coast or body of water, your child’s connection to the world ocean may begin in their own backyard. No need to travel—marine science can start with the waterways that connect us all to the sea. What better way to realize that they are part of nature than to see these connections in places familiar to a person, just as they do at MSI’s Marine Science Camp?

Summer camps of all kinds are a time of tremendous growth and development. New challenges and new skills are honed through fun and friendship. What kind of journey is your camper ready for? While considering what adventures your camper will experience, it is also important to trust in their guides. At the Marine Science Institute’s Marine Science Camp in Redwood City, CA, the instructors are full-time educators and marine biologists. These leaders will be your camper’s companions and role models. They will facilitate your camper’s growth and learning, and are ready to be challenged themselves by your camper’s questions and interests.

Hydrology on the otis bMarine Science Camp: Things to Consider

  • LOCATION: Is it easy to get to? Does it provide access to interesting sites?
  • ACTIVITIES: Swimming, boating, field trips. What skills are you looking to improve?
  • THEMES: Animal interactions, experiments, stewardship. What does your camper want to focus on?
  • ACADEMICS: How rigorous of a program are you looking for?
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Do you trust the organization, its mission, and the staff?


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