Summer Camp Scouting Series, a BayLines Original Article

Marine Camp Manager Felicia Van Stolk

I am already looking forward to summer Marine Camp 2015. Every year one of the most fun challenges is finding field trip opportunities. Finding just the right place takes a lot of careful consideration…What can we learn? What will we see? How about the logistics and safety?

This year I am excited to involve our members and especially our camp families in this  process. What better way to plan for a summer of fun science for kids than to have our expert summer campers join us? Every time I visit a new beach, marsh, or park, I am looking for the next adventure. Even when I return to a place I have enjoyed before I discover new ways to appreciate and learn from the surroundings. I look forward to uncovering new gems and finding new ways to enjoy some of our favorite spots alongside our campers and their families.

Each site that we visit with the Summer Marine Camp Scouts will be chosen for its potential to fulfill some sort of learning objective or topic that fits with the camps’ themes. We need our scouts to help us test how engaging and fun the site can be. When our staff visits a site they look for “opportunities and obstacles” and we want our scouts to do so too (while learning and enjoying, of course!).

Opportunities that we will look for include what kind of wildlife can be found at the site. We’ll ask questions such as “What kind of habitats and ecosystems can be explained and connected to the site?” and “What other themes can be addressed on the trip?” As we take a look at the site through a camper’s eyes, I look forward to hearing the questions that come up—each question is an opportunity to explore and seek an answer.

Obstacles that we will identify (and hopefully find a way around) may include the distance to a restroom or accessibility for all levels of mobility. We will also identify what might be distracting or difficult to accomplish with a larger group of people.

Of course, we wouldn’t go on a field trip without having some fun. Our scouts will enjoy activities run by MSI staff, including searching the tide pools and revisiting some of our favorite spots (lunch in a tree!). I look forward to seeing you out there!

Summer Marine Science Camp is just around the corner. To learn more please visit our webpage at or contact the Marine Camp Manager at 650-364-2760 X19 or email


This article is featured in our BayLines Winter Edition 2014-2015.

BayLines Winter Edition 14'-15'

BayLines Winter Edition 14′-15′

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