Stewardship Monday: Water footprints

thewaterweeat (2)

Click the image above to see an amazing infographic about “virtual water”–water we consume that we do not see.

Are you a stellar water-conserver at home? Do you already take ultra-fast showers and tend your garden with rain water from your homemade catchment system? Is your car caked with dust and your arms sore from all the sweeping (not spraying) of your driveway?

Your water footprint at home is probably fairly low. Excellent job! But did you know that there are other ways to be a steward of our water resources? In fact, 92% of the water we use is used in food. If these water-saving changes at home are already second nature, or if you’d rather not give up regular showers but still want to make a difference, there are still choices we can make that will influence your water footprint.

Industries and products have water footprints of their own. You can continue to conserve at the grocery store by understanding the water footprints of the products you buy. For instance, it takes 1800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans! (Although there are brands that claim to use far less). Products may or may not affect the water resources in your area—instead, the pressure falls wherever they are produced, but in California we produce a lot of food!

Find out what your water footprint is with this fun tool:

Water saving tip of the week: enjoy meat-less Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday…)—skip meat for one whole day to reduce your water footprint.

Additional Resource: More information about measuring water footprints on


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