Marine Camp Sneak Peek: Summer Scholarship Fund

Mud grab boatSummer camp is a time for children to enjoy making friends, sharing interests, and learning outside the classroom. Summer matters, it is important to keep young minds and bodies in motion, and doing so is proven to help kids transition back into school in the fall more successfully. At Marine Science Institute we provide funding for schools to enjoy our programs year-round, and it is important for us to continue to create equity and increase access to quality programs through the summer.

Our Summer Camp Scholarship Fund provides opportunities for children from families with demonstrated financial need to enjoy the fun, learning, and benefits of summer camp. This fund is supported entirely by the charitable donations of our community. We have been touched by the generosity of families, individuals, and even other children who have raised funds and contributed. By giving to this fund, local families are investing in the future of young scientists.

Please consider supporting this fund today. For a limited time only, donations to this fund will be matched! CLICK HERE to make a contribution.

Visit our Scholarship page to learn more and to apply for a scholarship.

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