Volunteering Takes the Helm, a BayLines Original Article

Every volunteering event takes a different effort and, in return, provides different learning and fun. Volunteering at the recent Teacher Event at the Marine Science Institute was no exception, but deserves a special mention because it provided a lot of fun!

I left early from the San Jose campus of Brocade Communications Systems with a colleague, Dan Retter. We beat the general mid-afternoon traffic to reach MSI’s San Francisco Bay shoreline in Redwood City, where the familiar cool breeze of the bay and the warm smiles of the MSI staff quickly greeted us. Upon meeting with KC, Dan and I donned MSI t-shirts and were quickly converted into volunteers. We first embarked on a mission to convert slabs of mozzarella cheese, a bag of basil and a bowl of fresh homegrown cherry tomatoes into an appealing appetizer dish.

Soon it was time for the teachers to show up, so Dan and I hurried to the registration desk to help KC check in all the important guests of honor who travelled from various K-12 schools in the Bay Area. Dan prepared MSI bags for handouts and I searched for and pulled out name tags from the sheets. As the inflow of guests trickled down, Dan and I were assigned to another MSI staff member who gave us a tour of the MSI campus. We were astonished by the campus view of the Bay and excited to see various marine species collected from the Bay for careful study in well-maintained aquariums of various sizes and shapes. The temperature of the water and the ecosystem in the tank were maintained to mimic species’ original homes in the Bay. The collections of fishes, crustaceans, eels and sharks were easy to view, touch and feel, when safe to do so.

After the tour of the campus, Dan and I moved into an airy outdoor room where we helped several other volunteers serve food and wine to the teachers. Between guests, there was plenty of time for us to enjoy ourselves with the food and wine. We had a good opportunity to socialize with other volunteers including a couple from Oracle, a student from UC Davis and a retiree from the local area.

To end the day of volunteering at MSI, Dan and I could not resist the temptation of relaxing and devouring the beauty of the Bay from the picnic benches at MSI with a glass of fine wine!

Marine Science Institute would like to thank Rakesh, for submitting this article and, the rest of our wonderful volunteers who helped to make our annual teacher event a success!  

Corporate and individual volunteer opportunities are always available. To learn more please visit our webpage at www.sfbaymsi.org or contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at 650-364-2760 X16 or by email volunteer@sfbaymsi.org


This article is featured in our BayLines Winter Edition 2014-2015.

BayLines Winter Edition 14'-15'

BayLines Winter Edition 14′-15′

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