Marine Camp Sneak Peek: Wanted–Inspirational Staff

I Want YouWanted: enthusiastic, compassionate, and engaging instructors and counselors to lead our summer camp! CLICK HERE to apply to join the team.

Marine Science Camp takes quite a team of people to run smoothly. In addition to the support staff in the office, we have highly qualified instructors, counselors and volunteers outside with the campers every day.

Our instructors and counselors facilitate active learning, team building, and safe fun all summer long. They are all CPR and First Aid certified, background checked, and undergo 2 weeks of intensive training before camp.

Instructors all have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in marine science, biology, education, or a related field. Most of them teach with MSI throughout the year and are dedicated, experienced, environmental educators. In addition to leading facilitation of camper learning, Instructors are also primarily in charge of safety. They are the crew of our research vessel and undergo additional training and regular safety drills to comply with Coast Guard safety standards. Our fantastic Instructors are role models who inspire campers who are excited to learn from real marine scientists, many of whom have experience in the field.

Our summer camp Counselors are all in college or have already received their degrees. They work closely with the Instructors to help create a fun and safe learning place for our campers. Many of our Counselors are interested in pursuing careers in marine science or education, and Marine Science Camp is an excellent summer opportunity for them to get first-hand experience.

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The final piece to the puzzle is our wonderful Volunteers. Our summer camp volunteers are vital to helping summer camp run. They add extra eyes, ears, and hands that make sure our campers stay safe and have fun. Volunteers join staff and campers for every activity and field trip. They are buddies, helpers, and friends to each and every camper—especially the campers that benefit from having just a little extra help making friends and getting involved. Volunteers join us for different amounts of time—for just one week to almost the whole summer! We are so grateful to have these energetic and generous people helping us out each summer, and are proud to see our campers become volunteers, who later become Counselors and Instructors! CLICK HERE to learn more about volunteer opportunities during the summer and beyond.

If YOU match any of these descriptions, CLICK HERE to learn more and apply. I look forward to greeting new and old members onto the team.


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