Stewardship Monday: Inspiring Stewards

CCC at Pillar PointMarine Science Institute’s mission is to “Inspire respect and stewardship for the marine environment through experiential learning.” On Stewardship Monday I have covered a range of topics, rotating through themes month by month. These posts have been an overview and explanation of important concepts and issues relating to conservation and stewardship. Now I would like to shift gears to focus more on our mission of inspiring stewardship by answering questions from our stewards-in-training and offering suggestions to promote stewardship in your home and classroom.

Before a student at any age can dive into stewardship, their natural curiosity must be peaked and they must develop questions that they care about. These questions will drive them to learn more and discover their role.

What topics are you passionate about? Share your questions and interests, and allow me to explore them with you on Stewardship Monday.


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