Marine Camp Sneak Peek: In the Field

Over the 15 summers of camp, we have enjoyed some fantastic field trips. Every year one of the most fun challenges in planning camp is finding field trip opportunities. Finding just the right place takes a lot of careful consideration…What can we learn? What will we see? How about the logistics and safety?

Each site that is considered for field trip may fulfill some sort of learning objective or topic that fits with the camp’s themes. It also needs to be fun, engaging and safe. When our staff visits a site they look for “Opportunities and Obstacles” that will influence the field trip experience.

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Our Ocean Explorers camp always includes at least one trip to the coast. We search for sites that have accessible examples of different habitats, plants and animals, including tide pools, dunes, bays, sloughs and beaches. We also look for opportunities to do new activities or work with other organizations that can provide different views on learning about the Ocean, science, and other related topics.

Bay Explorers have a chance to connect to the natural resources in their own backyards. Past trips have brought Bay Explorers to the coast, the Aquarium of the Bay, and to local parks. There are many opportunities in the area to discover hidden gems, where campers can explore the wildlife around them, including in places that they can return to with their families.

Naturalists, our returning campers, focus on camp topics in more depth. Whether visiting a familiar site or a new site, they apply more scientific tools and methods to explore. They often visit similar sites to both the Bay and Ocean Explorers.

This year our Summer Camp Scouts joined in the search for the perfect site. They visited new and old sites to discover ways to enjoy the wonderful habitats that we are lucky to be near. There is one scouting event left in March, don’t miss this opportunity to make camp your own!


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