Marine Camp Sneak Peek: Camp theme–Stewardship

An important part of Marine Science Institute’s mission is to promote stewardship for the marine environment. We believe that when a person finds a connection to nature they will feel more responsible for its care. As our campers come face-to-face with live animals that live so near to them in the Bay Area, they begin to understand how interconnected our lives truly are. Campers are empowered not only to study nature, but to take part in it in a positive way.

At MSI, we promote a sense of stewardship though interdisciplinary science education. We achieve this by placing students in direct contact with the natural environment; emphasizing the interdependence of all living things; facilitating active learning through the use of observation, critical thinking, and problem-solving in a cooperative setting; and instilling confidence, encouraging involvement, and inspiring accomplishment by providing positive role models. At every camp, our campers also participate in projects that directly model stewardship in action, and take home positive memories of protecting the environment that will hopefully inform their decisions for the rest of their lives.


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