Marine Camp Sneak Peek: Bay versus Ocean Explorers

Marine Science Camp has two options for kids entering 2nd-5th grade in the fall. Both of these camps are geared toward science standards taught during the school year, and are fun and interactive. The SF Bay Explorer and the Ocean Explorer camps are similar in structure, but vary in content. They were designed so that our dedicated marine scientists could attend 2 weeks of camp without much repetition in curriculum.

What they have in common:

  • 2 days at our site to study live animals from our aquarium and to engage in other science projects both indoors and outside
  • 2 field trips (reached by school bus) that feature different habitats and stewardship projects
  • 1 day aboard our ship that includes fishing, studying plankton, sampling mud, and learning about nautical navigation
  • 2 staff plus a volunteer for every 15 campers
  • Flexible curriculum that engages multiple learning styles

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What’s the difference?

The SF Bay Explorer camp: focuses on habitats, animals, and conservation issues local to the San Francisco Bay Area. This camp is about the “science in your own backyard”, so to speak. There are 2 local field trips. One to the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge in Alviso, and the other is to Heron’s Head Park in San Francisco. During these trips, campers spend time outdoors in various habitats, learning to take data and study the plants and animals specific to the area. Their stewardship project will take place at Heron’s Head, working to restore the wetland area.

The Ocean Explorer camp: focuses on habitats, animals, and conservation issues associated with Coastal California and the world ocean. This camp is about the “whole world’s ocean” and how we are connected to it. There are 2 field trips to the coast. A trip to Half Moon Bay State Beach will focus on beach and dune habitats, and on the endangered birds that call it home. This trip will feature a stewardship project organized by the State Park rangers to restore native plants to the dunes. A second trip to the coast will focus on tide pools and beach habitats.

Weeks of summer camp also vary based upon our instructional staff. Out staff rotate through these themed camps, bringing their own unique areas of expertise to the content. Each of these instructors has a degree in marine science, environment, or related field experience, and will emphasize different aspects of the curriculum. No two weeks of camp are the same, as each group of campers has different interests, and each instructor has a unique teaching style. Both the Bay Explorer and Ocean Explorer camps are equally engaging, and are excellent options for young scientists learning how to explore marine habitats. Taken together, separately, or even taking multiple sessions of the same, these camps will enrich your camper’s summer by keeping their bodies and minds active.


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