Return to the Delta, a BayLines Original Article

Article by Kyla Cathey of the Lodi News

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The net splashes down into the water. A dozen fifth-graders from Heritage Elementary School peer carefully over the stern of the Robert G. Brownlee, watching as the net drags out behind the boat.

As the boat chugs in lazy circles in Broad Slough, the instructor talks about the fish they might catch. The students fidget while they listen, waiting for the signal to haul the net back in.

The sun is shining on the Delta, and the day is surprisingly warm for January. Reeds along the shoreline wave gently in the cool, slightly salty breeze, and in the distance, windmills slowly spin.

The fog has cleared away for now.

A few minutes later, the instructor gives the signal and the kids hurry — not running — to grab the ropes, ready to see what they’ve caught.

“Are you ready?” the instructor asks.

The children cheer.

“When I say, ‘Heave,’ you say, ‘Ho!’” she says. “Heave!”

“Ho!” the students yell, laughing and hauling on the ropes.



Slowly, the distance between the boat’s stern and the net trailing behind it shrinks, and the students’ anticipation rises.

What treasure would they haul up from under the water?

Read the entire article and view more picture at Lodi News

Marine Science Institute would like to thank Kyla and the staff at Lodi News for bringing the adventure, learning, and discovery of Heritage Elementary,  Lodi Middle schools and Lodi High School students to life in print.
Delta Discovery Voyages take place every January and February.

Thanks to the contributors that made these programs possible. To learn more please visit our webpage at or contact the Advancement Director at 650-364-2760 X14 or by email


This excerpt was featured in our BayLines Spring Edition 2015.

BayLines Spring Edition 2015

BayLines Spring Edition 2015

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