Marine Camp Sneak Peek: Keeping Current

Summer after summer we are excited to welcome new faces to the Marine Science Camp community. In the past few years we have also been happy to see familiar faces returning to learn more and to share their knowledge. It is important that we keep our curriculum fresh and exciting while preserving time-tested favorites such as studying our sharks and fish.

Returning campers entering 4th and 5th grade have the option to join our “Naturalist” camps. These camps are specifically for campers with prior MSI experience—this shared experience will be the basis for their team-building and also the scaffolding of knowledge on which the camps will build. We are excited to have our Naturalists diving deeper into marine science with us, and doing even more science throughout the week.

No matter what grade, all of our camps will feature new and re-imagined curriculum that will engage even our most experienced campers. Current events, new research, and topics of emerging interest and importance influence our curriculum development. Our student stewards will learn about the drought and our watershed. They will explore the world ocean gyres and currents that carry animals (and trash) around the globe. They will be on the cutting edge with science technology.

Space is still available in these awesome camps!

Click Here to SIGN UP TODAY.  


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