Good Bye Summer, a BayLines Original Article

Article by Felicia Van Stolk, Marine Camp Manager, Marine Science Institute

Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet. As we look forward to a new school year, we reflect upon the experiences, new friends and reunions enjoyed during the long summer days. We enjoyed seeing more familiar faces than ever—returning campers, campers-turned-volunteers, volunteers-turned-counselors, and returning counselors and instructors! This crew of enthusiastic leaders has made this summer truly unforgettable. They came from far and wide, with a variety of backgrounds, but with a common connection to MSI.

Our Marine Science Camp instructors have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in marine science, biology, education or a related field. Most of them teach at MSI throughout the year and are dedicated, experienced environmental educators,but a few join us from across the country during the summer to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to our lessons. They are role models to campers who are excited to learn from real marine scientists.

Our summer camp counselors are either in college or have already received their degrees. They work closely with the instructors to help create a fun and safe learning place for our campers. Many of our counselors volunteered for previous summer camps or were campers once themselves!

The final pieces in the puzzle are our wonderful volunteers. Our summer camp volunteers are vital to helping summer camp run. They are buddies, helpers and friends to each and every camper—especially the campers that benefit from having just a little extra help making friends and getting involved. We are so grateful to have had these energetic and generous people helping us out each summer, and hope to see them again as counselors and instructors!

As we say goodbye, we wish everyone a great year. I am glad that many of our staff will return to teach during the school year, and we will miss those who are headed for different adventures at school, at other outdoor education institutions and abroad.

Thank you to our amazing summer staff.
Camp would not be possible with out your enthusiasm and positive kid friendly energy!

To learn more about camp or job opportunities please visit our webpage at


This article was featured in our BayLines Autumn Edition 2015.

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