Coorporate Volunteering Takes the Helm, a BayLines Original Article


The Marine Science Institute is a wonderful organization, which I took pleasure in being the group lead for this year at SAP Labs. This was my third actual time volunteering at their location. MSI’s goal is to teach schoolchildren in Northern California about the ocean and its inhabitants up close and hands-on, along with how we can preserve our bay and ocean. The employees are the greatest, very knowledgeable, and were so kind and thankful for SAP coming out to help them once again. One of this year’s projects was to remove a giant in-ground planter, and transplant the native plants to a new location. Then, we leveled out and paved the area with gravel so the fuel truck for the Institute’s teaching ship would be able to reach the dock. The second project was to paint two wonderful 3D topography maps (4’ x 5’) to match an actual map of the Bay Area and the Bay. Some volunteers already knew each other, but a good majority did not, so it was great to meet new colleagues from all the different teams, and SAP’s area campuses. We really came together as a team, and had a busy, but fulfilling day; all want to come back next year. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful breeze to keep the heat at bay. It was a fantastic day for all!

Cheryl Jensen – Executive Assistant at SAP Labs in Palo Alto

Marine Science Institute would like to thank Cheryl for submitting this article and setting up this event, and the rest of our wonderful SAP volunteers who’s generosity will help inspire thousands of students, teachers and staff.

Corporate and individual volunteer opportunities are always available. To learn more please visit our webpage at or contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at 650-364-2760 X16 or by email


This article was featured in our BayLines Winter Edition 2015-2016.

Marine Science Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not for profit organization
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