Creature Feature: 12/3/13 Revealed

candy cane shrimp

It’s December! Let’s have some fun with the creature features this month and focus on some Holiday inspired animals. How about the Randall’s pistol shrimp (Alpheus randalli) known as the Candy Cane shrimp! This shrimp, native to the Indian and central Pacific oceans, is known as the candy cane shrimp because its striped coloration looks like a candy cane.

goby and shrimp

This shrimp has a symbiotic mutualism with the Randall’s prawn goby, (Amblyeleotris randalli), which means they depend on each other for survival. The goby will hover over the shrimp, always keeping its fin attached to the shrimp’s antennae. If there is danger, the goby will flick its tail and send a signal to its shrimp partner. The relationship extends to living and eating arrangements. The shrimp (with very bad eyesight) will burrow into the ground while the goby will use its great eyesight to keep watch. Even after the goby finds a mate it will still inhabit the same burrow with its family and the shrimp.

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Please share your exciting creations with us! 

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